BT Sport Native App

To deliver a seamless user experience, new visual design and implement new innovative features.

My Role

As Lead UX/UI on the project I was responsible for the complete digital transformation of the app. Working on the project I have managed to install an agile process whilst managing visual design & developers. This improved the consistency, speed of a design, prototyping, development and iterative workflow.

The Objectives

  • Align the UX of the BT Sport app and BT Sport website
  • Update the visual design of the app and website to reflect the OSP
  • Streamline and protect the subscriber experience
  • Maximise cross-promotion and upsell from Sport to other BT Apps
  • Improve content discovery

The Approach

To differentiate ourselves in an already mature and competitive market, we needed to define a clear user experience and discoverability of content.

Adopting a lean approach with emphasis on rapid sketching, prototyping, user feedback and design mockups created a strong sense of ownership across the app and various stakeholders within the organisation.

The toughest challenge I faced was balancing the workflow of individual teams, developers, whilst collaborating with stakeholders. Since this project was such an integral part of the business, I needed to coordinate and get sign off from various teams that were local and international.

Managing feedback and stakeholders was just as challenging because of the varied business requirements versus the user needs and experience. Working through this I managed to break down a siloed way of working preventing a disproportional amount of time wasted on debating design decisions.

To my relief it was a great success and we managed to complete all the requirements within budget and on time.

The Discovery

Tight deadlines and time schedules made for an intense and quick discovery phase which allowed the team and myself to define project milestones, review the existing framework, competitor analysis, understand business requirements, and research into user needs, wants and pain‐points.  In conjunction there was a technical discovery phase to understand feasibility and constraints for the implementation of new features.

Being efficient with conducting user research and collecting feedback was paramount with the tight deadlines.  After conducting a wide range of interviews with users and stakeholders we were quick to gain insights into the needs of the users which gave us a clear and concise roadmap to our development.

With a clear vision of users needs allowed me craft ideal journeys and focus on how to design a better experience.

Keeping the business goals at a high‐level allowed us to work effectively and explore concepts that we could easily communicate with to stakeholders. This allowed us to express these in a functional and emotional perspective for further empathy with to users.

The Solution

A brand new colour scheme throughout, with crisper, more innovative designed pages that dramatically improve the user experience

A cleaner, more intuitive menu layout to allow you to quickly navigate to your desired sport or section

A revamped TV Catch Up section, where you can watch all your favourite shows on demand or take your pick from a huge selection of full match, race and fight replays

The Impact

An exceptional user experience via native functionality with innovative features.

The redesign of the BT Sport on iOS and Android has had a positive with an outstanding native solution. I managed to delivered an exceptional user experience for their customers and the digital transformation has proven to be a huge success in not only retaining existing users but the uptake of new customers.


The enhanced player is absolute genius. I can pinpoint any part of a football game or cricket match that I want to see which helps when I don’t have much time. In short this app is reliable attractive easy to use stable and I think brilliant.

The App works great on my Samsugn Galaxy. Besides the live sports there’s loads of other sports stuff to watch. Love this all. Keep up the good work to the team behind the BT Sports App.

The 360 degrees live shots and clips from available on Premier league games are truly impressive. The app is simple to use and very well designed. The features are brilliant. Excellent work.