BT Sport Native App

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Watch BT Sport online and on the go! The BT Sport app offers a stunning user experience that’s truly in a league of its own.

The Problem

Align the UX for BT Sport and streamline the subscriber experience by improving content discovery.

My Role

As Lead UX Design on the project I was responsible for the complete digital transformation of the app. Working on the project I have managed to install an agile process whilst managing visual design & developers. This improved the consistency, speed of a design, prototyping, development and iterative workflow.


Research, Interviews

Tight deadlines and time schedules made for an intense and quick discovery phase which allowed the team and myself to define project milestones, making use of the BT Sport research, competitor analysis and understanding business requirements. In conjunction there was a technical discovery phase to understand feasibility and constraints for the implementation of new features.

Making use of the existing user research, BT sport web personas and collecting feedback was paramount to the tight deadlines. After conducting app specific interviews with users and stakeholders we were quick to gain insights into the needs of the users which gave us a clear and concise roadmap to our development.


Analysis, Problems

Having completed the qualitative and quantitive research, I had a clear vision of users needs allowing me craft the ideal journeys and focus on how to design a better experience.

Keeping the business goals at a high‐level allowed us to work effectively and explore concepts that we could easily communicate with to stakeholders. This allowed us to express these in a functional and emotional perspective for further empathy with users.



Maintaining a hands on role, I setup ideation workshops with my team to start brainstorming creative solutions for the best user experience. After several workshops we used a dot matrix voting system to start wireframing the key screens to prototype for user testing.

Header and navigation prototype used for testing with users App Header Navigation


Testing, Feedback

After running several user testing sessions and getting users feedback, I had to do some design iterations on some of the complex journeys. User where still looking for a quick intuitive way of planning what sports to watch. This lead to the redesign of the EPG allowing users to see what’s currently showing and whats upcoming.

The Results

Adopting a lean approach with emphasis on rapid sketching, prototyping, user feedback and design mockups created a strong sense of ownership across the app and various stakeholders within the organisation.

The toughest challenge I faced was balancing the workflow of individual teams, developers, whilst collaborating with stakeholders. Working collaboratively I managed to break down a siloed way of working preventing a disproportional amount of time wasted on debating design decisions.