To formulate the core of a new digital strategy for Phillips & Southern online presence.

The Process


Phillips & Southern managed by a father and son team with success based on one-to-one relationships established through networking efforts. As the existing client base grows older and the world’s methods of communication change, they now need to reach out to a wider / younger audience.

They focus will remain heavily on one-to-one relationships with their best investors. However, the objective of this project is to increase the pool of potential investors they are engaging with and hopefully graduate them to the position of top level investors over the coming years / decades.

Primary Goal

  • Implementation of a digital and content strategy that will aim to recruit new and younger investors from existing and emerging markets.

Secondary objectives

  • Provide a content platform that helps Phillips & Southern to build closer relationships with developers in existing and emerging markets.
  • Create awareness in the lettings market, ensuring that the Phillips & Southern property portfolio can attract tenants with less reliance of estate agency partners.

Who are the actual users?

Phillips & Southern have historically relied on Tier 1 Investors.  The purpose of the new content strategy and supporting website, the goal would be to reach into the Tier 2 and Tier 3 categories – helping these individuals progress up towards Tier 1 over the years through healthy returns on their property investments.

Through careful analysis of our research, we identified segmented our user audience in to 3 categories. With this in mind we designed persona types and aligned this with digital strategy focusing on the users.

Using the personas throughout the project proved to be vital in making design decisions.

Investors (Tier 1) Tier 1: Ultra High Net Worth with £21m+ (193k people globally / 34.7% of HNWI wealth)
Persona: Chun Li, 45, Singapore
Persona Description: Chinese, wife, strong English, uber luxury lifestlye, enjoys the prestige associated with Britain, very discrete, looking ahead to sizeable retirement income

Investors Tier 2: Mid-tier millionaire with £3.5m – £21m (1,325k / 22.4%)
Persona: Dave Sims, 35, London
Persona Description: English, single, uber luxury lifestlye, enjoys the prestige associated with London, outgoing, looking to invest.

Investors Tier 3: Millionaire next door with £700,000 – £3.5m (13,185k / 90%) Persona: Ian, 50, Location?
Persona Description: Ex-pats, male, self-made millionaires, potentially ex-city, less discrete, focus on status and greed, some may be first-time investors.

The Framework

Designing the experience

Using my research to understand the various audience types I created a targeted strategy built on audience insight. Using the personas gave me a clear vision of what existing functionality and content would be useful, what journeys needed amending, what opportunities were available to innovate content ideas.

After defining and crafting several key user journeys to satisfy the 3 user segments I was able to structure the IA and functionality. Next I began wireframing all the complex interactions, functionality and flows in order to develop and test the prototype.


User testing and Iterations

Using WhatUsersDo I wrote a test script to help define tasks, establish objectives and evaluate the design decisions. Testing revealed usability issues related to text illegibility, layout and analysis.

The Impact

An engaging site with innovative features.

With more unique visits a month from a highly engage and influential audience, the success of the site has resulted in double propositions and property investments.