Unibet Native Casino App

To deliver a flawless gaming experience on your mobile.

My Role

As Lead UX/UI on the project I was responsible for the user experience and visual style of the app. Working with my team we managed to install an agile process whilst managing stakeholders & developers. This improved the consistency, speed of a design, prototyping, development and iterative workflow leading to a fast successful delivery to market.

The Objectives

Unibet requested that the team design and I develop a native application to satisfy their customers needs and the growing market of mobile gaming. Being responsible for user requirements the team and I took an agile approach with developers collaborating to plan, design and build a unique native application to a very tight deadline.

The Approach

To differentiate ourselves in an already mature and competitive market, we needed to define a clear user experience and discoverability of content.

Adopting a lean approach with emphasis on rapid sketching, prototyping, user feedback and design mockups created a strong sense of ownership across the app and various stakeholders within the organisation.

The toughest challenge I faced was balancing the workflow and managing the expectations of stakeholders whilst collaborating with development.  Managing deadlines was just as challenging because of the varied business requirements versus the user needs and experience. Due to tight deadlines I managed to break down a siloed way of working preventing a disproportional amount of time wasted on debating design and enabled a quicker sign off from various teams that were local and international.

The Discovery

Tight deadlines and time schedules made for an intense and quick discovery phase which allowed the team and myself to define project milestones, review the existing framework, competitor analysis, understand business requirements, and research into user needs, wants and pain‐points.  In conjunction there was a technical discovery phase to understand feasibility and constraints for the implementation of new features.

In-depth research was done with customers and using these insights to form a comprehensive digital strategy and roadmap.

In conjunction with stakeholders we created early concepts and wireframes after discussing various technical requirements with the development teams.
My responsibilities included assisting the user architects with user journeys, sketching and wireframing.

As lead design on this project I continued with high fidelity prototypes working in sprints and deploying my work into the test environment at regular sprint intervals. With regular user testing we managed to deliver an outstanding native app solution fulfilling the business requirements exceeding the stakeholders expectations. With a clear vision of users needs allowed me craft ideal journeys and focus on how to design a better experience.

Keeping the business goals at a high‐level allowed us to work effectively and explore concepts that we could easily communicate with to stakeholders. This allowed us to express these in a functional and emotional perspective for further empathy with to users.

The Impact

An exceptional user experience via native functionality with innovative features.

Unibet’s casino app delivers an exceptional user experience via native functionality packed full of features including easy navigation, filtering and a quick way to browse games.

The app have been a huge success which has resulted in the uptake of new customers and the increase of revenue from existing customers.


What a surprise! Although it provides huge number of games the application seems to be extremely lightweight. Navigating between different games has never been easier.

The easiest and quickest casino app on the market! Super easy search function so you to find the games within a second. Also great to have the TouchID log in option.

Really easy to navigate around and in all fairness is looks a lot cleaner and smarter than other casino apps I’ve used in the past. Getting myself a bit of Unibet collection on my home screen!