To create a simple intuitive app

As an avid user and supporter of WhatsApp I’ve designed & developed an Apple Watch concept for making WhatsApp intuitive, simple and user-centric interactive experience.

With the introduction of wearable technology I created a concept of the popular communications app Whatsapp. This presented a couple of challenges, with one in particular – screen real estate.


Project Views


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The Process


Having read Apple’s design guidelines and doing qualitative research by interviewing WhatsApp and Apple Watch users. With the data I gathered from interviews 3 clear requirements emerged.

  • Fast real time interactions
  • The need for a simple intuitive interface
  • Easy access to messages and groups

The process started off with sketching and working out the user journeys and flows based on the current WhatsApp phone app. Using the sketched flows I created a rapid prototype using Sketch and Axure.

After testing the initial journeys and low fidelity prototypeI decided to pushed the boundaries of what could be done.

The project quickly progressed to wireframing and high fidelity prototyping with some more user testing. After a couple of iterations to address pain points and complicated navigation I was pleased with the outcome.


The Findings

Designing for new technology has it’s limitations and in doing this project there where some key findings.

The most important to remember is that you don’t have the affordance of the screen real estate, which forces you to focus your purpose of the screens emphasising the core functionality and message.

Appropriate levels of hierarchy between the mobile and wearable platforms. The user can very easily get lost when drilling down four or five screens. One shouldn’t enforce the same level of detail you have on your iOS version as on the Apple Watch.

The Solution

Real Time. Simple. Intuitive.

After all the brainstorming, ideation testing and iterations I have produced a fast, simple and easy to app by fulfilling the users needs:

  • Fast real time interactions
  • The need for a simple intuitive interface
  • Easy access to messages and groups

From working with notifications, to focusing on contextually this project was a great experience allowing me to use the complete UX process from start to finish.